About Hotels & Acccommodation in Mikri Vigla

Naxos Hotels, Apartments, Studios, Rooms, Bungalows, Vilas, Houses in Mikri Vigla

Relaxing vacation requires convenience in accommodation. Mikri Vigla offers a variety of different lodging types and prices to choose from. Hotels, studios, apartments, bungalows and villas or even private houses are available for renting on the beaches and higher on the hillside with magnificent view to both bays. We created a directory of the local lodgings to choose from, for your vacation and holidays all over the year. Remember to check the special offers and prices during the low season!

Naxos studios,Kontos Studios Mikri Vigla

"Kontos" Apartments & studios

We created 14 fully equiped and furnished apartments and studios built on the beach, all with private big verandas and the best panoramic view to the sea and the colorful sunset of Mikri Vigla! Traditional and local Cycladic architecture in combination with friendly and family atmosphere make "kontos" apartments & studios the ideal destination for your vacation and bussiness trip in Naxos!

Tel: +30 22850 75278 | Fax: +30 22850 75228 | Mob: +30 6973865170
Website: www.studioskontos.gr | E-mail: info@studioskontos.gr
Coralli Apartments Naxos studios, Mikri Vigla

"Coralli" Apartments & studios

At the Southern of Mikri Vigla, on the "Sahara" beach and 100m. from the seaside we offer 11 well-furnished apartments, built according to the Cycladic architecture, consisted of a 2 to 4 persons' accommodation. All of our studios are equipped with kitchenette, fridge, TV set, air-condition and a private veranda with panoramic view.

Tel: +30 22850 75229 | Fax: +30 22850 75080 | Mob: +30 6972953248
Website: www.coralli-naxos.gr | E-mail: info@coralli-naxos.gr
Crystal Apartments Naxos studios, Mikri Vigla

"Crystal" Apartments & studios

The famous traditional architecture of Naxos is reflected in our apartments and studios, in an effort to make your accommodation on Naxos special. Crystal comprises of fully equipped studios and apartments for 2 to 5 persons with view to the sea, ideal for couples and families who like peaceful vacation near the beach.

Tel: +30 22850 75475 | Mob: +30 6947904017
Website: www.crystal-naxos.gr | E-mail: info@crystal-naxos.gr
Escapeland studios and apartments in Naxos, Mikri Vigla

"Escapeland" Apartments & Studios

Our apartments are situated close to the sea, constructed on the foot of nearby Mikri Vigla hill, in a large garden of 8000 square meters, with 360 degrees amphitheatric view. Their traditional Cycladic architecture, harmonizes fully with the landscape. All studios and the apartment either have balcony and or veranda with view to the sea.

Tel: +30 22850 75313 | Mob: +30 6932919700
Website: www.escapeland.net | E-mail: escape47@otenet.gr

Website: www.escapeland.org (German edition)

Isalos studios in Naxos, Mikri Vigla

"Isalos" Studios

Relax at the comforts of Isalos studios, just a few meters away from the sea and feel the Meditteranean sun on the sandy Mikri Vigla beach! Studios Isalos are located on the Northern beach of Mikri Vigla. We have built our studios according to the Greek Cycladic architectural style where the white and blue blend with the Aegean Sea and the sun. Spacious verandas and balconys offer you moments of relaxation and breathtaking view to Mikri Vigla's surrounding nature.

Tel: +30 22850 75273 | Mob: +30 6989976799
Website: www.isalosnaxos.gr | E-mail: isalos2@otenet.gr

Kolona studios and apartments in Naxos, Mikri Vigla

"Kolona" Studios & Apartments

Kolona studios and apartments are located right next to the beautiful beach of Parthena bay, Mikri Vigla, on Naxos Island. It is an ideal place for relaxation, for beach lovers and for all of you who wish to spend their holidays in a beach resort away from the hassle of the town. The complex occupies a sea front position at Mikri Vigla beach for memorable holidays.

Tel: +30 22850 75106 | Fax: +30 22850 75240 | Mob: +30 6977097889
Website: www.kolona-studios.gr | E-mail: info@kolona-studios.gr

Lianos studios and apartments in Naxos, Mikri Vigla

"Lianos" Apartments & Studios

On the wonderful beach of Naxos, Mikri Vigla, built in 6.500 m² of land and in a distance of 150 meters from the beach, all studios have spacious verandas with view to the sea and are equipped with kitchenette and offer all amenities. Lianos studios and apartments are idyllic for quiet and relaxing vacation.

Tel: +30 22850 75376 | Mob: +30 6944751730
Website: www.lianos-studios.gr | E-mail: info@lianos-studios.gr
Lianos studios and apartments in Naxos, Mikri Vigla

"Maroulis" Apartments & Studios

In one of the most beautifull beaches of Naxos, Mikri Vigla, Maroulis apartments and studios are equipped with all appliances. We offer two bed, three bed accommodation, apartments for up to four persons and families, all with private verandas. Our hotel is located 50m from the bus stop, the market, and 200m from the beach of Mikri Vigla.


Tel: +30 22850 75265 | Mob: +30 6946042720
Website: www.maroulisstudios.gr | E-mail: info@maroulisstudios.gr

Naxos hotel Mikri Vigla

"Mikri Vigla" Hotel

The hotel has 86 double rooms with view to the sea or the garden. The appearance of its exterior is based on the traditional motif of Cycladic architecture in contrast with the interior, which is modern and functional. Enjoy your drink from our beach bar, next to the swimming pool or on the beach of MIkri Vigla in Naxos.

Tel: +30 22850 75241 | Fax: +30 22850 75240
Website: www.mikriviglahotel.gr | E-mail: info@mikriviglahotel.gr
Oasis Hotel, Mikri Vigla, Naxos

"Oasis" Apartments & studios

OASIS studios are on the unspoilt beach of "Parthena" in Mikri Vigla and successfully combine modern facilities with the traditional Cycladic architecture. 50m from the beach and next to the local sports club offer you both relaxation at the pool bar and the joy of watersports just meters away!


Tel: +30 22850 75494 | Fax: +30 22850 75337 | Mob:+30 6932387444
Website: www.oasisnaxos.gr | E-mail: info@oasisnaxos.gr

Orkos beach hotel, Mikri Vigla, Naxos

"Orkos" Hotel

Our hotel Orkos Beach is located at a peaceful corner of Naxos island only 20m from the beach with view to the small island of Parthenos bay in Mikri Vigla and 18 km South of Naxos Town. All of our accommodation units have nice spacious verandas, most of them with sea view. Order a drink from our cafe and relax next to the garden or the swimming pool where you can enjoy the sea, the sun and the sunset.

Tel: +30 22850 75194 | Fax: +30 22850 25552 | Mob: +30 6947243594
Website: www.orkosbeach.eu | E-mail: info@orkosbeach.eu

Surfer studios, Mikri Vigla, Naxos

"Surfer" studios

In a distance of 300m from the beach we offer fully renovated (the period 2014-2105) rooms-apartments for 2-5 persons. The rooms are 100m from super market and they have fridge, tv set, air condition, safe, wi-fi and private veranda. Also, the apartments are equipped with kitchen. The reasonable prices we have in combination with friendly atmosphere is the key for a perfect holiday.

Tel: +30 22850 26732 | Fax: +30 22850 75210 | Mob: +30 6972884980
Website: www.surferstudios.com | E-mail: surferstudios@gmail.com

Naxos studios Victoria at Mikri Vigla

"Victoria" Apartments & studios

Built in the middle of the bay, on "Parthena" beach, more than 20 new and fully equipped studios and apartments in 3 independent buildings, designed to offer all comforts only a few meters from the sea. All of our studios and apartments are equipped with kitchenette, TV, bathroom and spacious verandas with great view to the beach.

Tel: +30 22850 75232 | Fax: +30 22850 75232
Website: www.victoria-naxos.com | E-mail: vic-m-v@otenet.gr

Idreos studios and apartments in Naxos, Mikri Vigla

"Ydreos" Apartments & Studios

We welcome you to our newly built studios and apartments on the North beach of Mikri Vigla, "Parthena". We offer fully equipped studios with traditional interior and exterior designing, built on the sea, for the most breathtaking view in Naxos!


Tel: +30 22850 75266 | Fax: +30 22850 75266 | Mob: +30 6974148281
Website: www.ydreos.gr | E-mail: idraiou@nax.forthnet.gr