Welcome to Mikri Vigla, Naxos Island, Greece

Welcome to Naxos island, welcome to Greece

A fusion of stunning nature, stone, sunlight and sparkling sea, Naxos lies on the center of Cyclades. Naxos is an island of mythology and ancient history. It has exercised a powerful charm to the Aegean culture since ancient times. It was the birthplace of one of the Mediterranean's most important civilizations, the Cycladic Civilization. Aegean Sea in Greece is known world-wide for the pure and admirable beaches and Naxos testifies by all means that reputation. Fertile by nature, Naxos has a great reputation also in agriculture. Traditional farms and stables, dairy production units, wine yards, olive tree forests and many more can be found across the island in a picturesque background where the rocky mountains blend into the fertile valleys and the Cycladic architectural villages.

On the South - West part of Naxos lays one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea, Mikri Vigla. Endued by nature, Mikri Vigla is famous for the golden sand that goes into the crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Untouched by mass tourism has maintained the sweet symmetry of the traditional Cycladic architecture combined in harmony with the wild beauty of the coastal landscape. The cape of Mikri Vigla constitutes a rare geological phenomenon due to the unique cedar-tree forest, one of the few in the world but also because of its archeological wealth. Ancient inscriptions and messages, engraved over the wind-beaten hillsides, transport the visitor back in time and unfold the pages of history.

On both sides of Mikri Vigla's cape lay incomparable beaches that transpire different charms, and content the desires of guests. On the North side you will find the bay with the isle of "Parthena" surfacing in the middle and giving an outstanding landscape. The North beach is more suitable for sports as it is world-wide known for the "Meltemi" wind that appeals to windsurfers, kitesurfers and sportsmen of any kind for many years. On the South side lays one of the longest and of unique beauty beaches not only in Naxos but in Cyclades in general. Shallow but also deep crystal-clear waters fading in the endless sandbanks of the beach embrace gently the indefinable shaped rocks of Mikri Vigla cape creating a natural safe harbor for small boats. The "Limanaki" beach, as it is called, one of the most attractive beaches in Cyclades for swimming, is responsible for the lake located only a few meters from the seashore that was also used to produce salt, one of the main export goods of Naxos.

Due to its natural beauty, Mikri Vigla is a small paradise in Naxos, ideal for relaxing holidays in Greece. Holidays in Naxos means both relaxation and entertainment combined with nature surrounded by friendly and homely atmosphere.

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